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We are a global trading company. We are constantly learning to make us more professional. We are also exploring different paths. The common characteristics of our team members are: full of enthusiasm and vitality, with a strong sense of service, and service-oriented acquisition Customers-this is our core competitiveness. In addition, the following three are the core reasons why customers choose us, which is also the meaning of our existence.No. 1: Good product quality and competitive priceAlthough there are a large number of factories in China, they have different production scales, different regions, different equipment, and different prices of raw materials, which ultimately lead to different product costs. Our company's mission is to find the TOP 10~30 of the industry for each series of products. The factory obtains samples, discusses the price, conducts comparative analysis, selects the top 5 factories for each series of products for cooperation, and keeps them updated for about 1 to 2 years, which may make our price lower than 70% of the factory, and the quality higher than 70% Factory, and we strictly control the profit. In this way, we have lower prices under the premise of quality assurance.No. 2: Rich products and high procurement efficiencyIf you have diversified packaging product purchasing needs, it may take a lot of time to find a suitable (good quality and reasonable price) factory, but with so many factories in China, do you have so much time? We have done a lot of work in the early stage and have a rich product production and supply chain. If you keep cooperating with us, you can purchase almost all packaging products through our company. We have different series of packaging products from us and China's TOP 5 Factory cooperation, product screening and price negotiation in advance, this will save you a lot of time, you will get a reasonable price, and your time can be put on core work to grow your business.No. 3: Additional services for customer orders to reduce customer costsThe core of the factory's work is R&D and production. Our daily core work is carried out around customers. For example, if you purchase products from different companies and give them to us, we can consolidate and ship them for you, which will save you money. In addition, we can provide you with additional services such as replacement of packaging, labeling, storage and turnover of goods for you. Our philosophy is: any reasonable service will be satisfied. If you cooperate with us, you will enjoy efficiency, care and professionalism. Service. This is the reason why many of our customers choose us, and it will definitely help your business.
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